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Nature of learning has been widely suggested by education experts that basically include: (1) a change in behavior, (2) the nature of the changes are relatively permanent, and (3) any change caused by the interaction with the environment, not by a process of maturity or change- changes in the physical condition of the temporary nature. It all takes time, costs, and the professionalism of educators so as to realize the goals outlined are the intellectual life of the nation.
Teachers as personnel who occupy strategic positions in order to develop human resources required to continue to follow the development of new concepts in the world kepengajaran.
English is a tool to communicate both orally and in writing. Ministry of Education, who was preparing a standard of competence in the curriculum of 2004, determined that the ability to be owned by Indonesian students are to understand and express information, thoughts, feelings, and develop science, technology, and culture in the English language. Thus, the English language serves as a tool to communicate in order to access the information other than as a tool for interpersonal relationships, exchanging information as well as enjoying the aesthetic language in British culture. One of the goals to be achieved in learning English is to develop the ability to communicate in English, either verbally or written, which includes listening skills (listening), speaking (speaking), reading (reading) and writing (writing).
One component of language learning is an understanding of the vocabulary of the English language itself, in addition to other components. Vocabulary (English: vocabulary) is the set of known words and their meaning can be used by someone in a language, a person’s vocabulary is defined as the set of all words that are understood by the person or all the words that are likely to be used by that person to construct a sentence new.

The rapid developments in education in the 21st century is to bring people to consider a view of the ability of students who may be increased as much as possible with effective and efficient business.
One of the factors that influence student success, is a talent, however, in the context of the ‘model of school Leaning, the talent is not defined as the capacity to learn but as a learning opportunity or learning rate. This means that the highly talented students will be able to master the baihan / teaching materials rapidly whereas low gifted students will master the material slow learner.
One method of approach to learning is Snawball Drilling. Drilling Method Drilling Snawball Snawball by Suprijono (2009:106) was developed to reinforce the knowledge students have gained from reading the reading materials. In applying the snowball method of drilling, the teacher’s role is to provide multiple choice questions and a snow ball rolling by pointing Exercises / raffle to get a learner who will answer the number l, and so on until the matter is able to be answered correctly by students. And so on until all the questions that the teachers have dbuat like a snowball rolling, moving from one student to another student.

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